Street & Roadway Lighting Street & Roadway Lighting
City of Henderson, NV
Gymnasium High Bays Gymnasium High Bays
Del Campo High School Gymnasium
Natatorium High Bay Lighting Natatorium High Bay Lighting
Outdoor & Area Lighting Outdoor & Area Lighting
PayPal Building, San Jose, CA
Industrial High Bay Lighting Industrial High Bay Lighting

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High Bay Lighting

LED and extended life 
T5 & T8 linear high bays. 
2, 4 & 8 ft, 100,000 hrs.

Cold Storage Lighting

LED, T5 and Induction solutions for cold storage and freezer locations.

Court & Gym Lighting

High color rendering for enhanced visibility and improved play quality.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed 1x4, 2x4 and 2x2 configurations for grid or hard ceilings.

Outdoor Lighting

Induction lighting rated at 100,000 hours. Sylvania Icetron system.
Vaportite T5 HO High Bays for cold & freezer environments
Vaportite T5 HO High Bays for cold & freezer environments